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It's Only Lipstick is the story of how this Brooklyn Baby survived the dysfunction of growing up in an Italian-American family to weathering the instability of being a marketing executive in the beauty industry in corporate America. You'll laugh and cry as you journey with me to the life-changing event that led me to my destiny.  

I discovered...It's never too late to go after your dreams!

                       Are you ready for some new, fresh and funny entertainment?


                                       Here's a front row seat to my show, IT'S ONLY LIPSTICK!

From the opening scene to the final bow, for rental fee of only $3.99, you can see, first-hand, why critics agree my show is a must see.

So, pop some popcorn, put on your comfy slippers and settle in for..."an enthralling evening of entertainment.."

No upcoming events at the moment
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