I love movies based on true stories. I’m inspired by people who triumph over tragedy. I decided to see the movie, I Can Only Imagine, based on Bart Millard’s true story. Bart Millard is the lead singer of the group, Mercy Me and he wrote the #1 Christian song, I Can Only Imagine. To quote a line from the film, “let the pain be your inspiration.” Boy, was it ever! I must confess that I have found Christian films preaching to the choir. I’ve been praying for a film that raises the bar. I believe I Can Only Imagine is that film. When the film was over, I couldn’t get out of my seat. I was sobbing. Bart’s story hit a chord in me. No pun intended. From childhood, Bart loved music. It was h


Have you ever wondered… I know I have. More times than I care to count. Life has a way of happening. Oftentimes, things happen that weren’t planned and come completely out of left field. What we do with those surprises helps determine if we come into our destiny and fulfill our dreams. MY WAKE-UP CALL On September 11, 2001, I was working in New York City. Like everyone else, it is a day that I will never forget. That day had an impact that was far-reaching on so many levels. The fear was so intense. It became a time to focus on what was important in life. For me, that lasted about two weeks. I still worked around the clock and was driving myself into the ground. One month later, I wound


Broadway! What an experience to see a show on Broadway! As much as I love TV and the movies, I’ve always felt that Broadway is the ultimate. I was a New York City kid. My sister and I were introduced to the theater early. We would save up our pennies and, without our parents, would take the subway into the city from Brooklyn and see a Broadway show. It was so thrilling! I carried that tradition into adulthood. I would sacrifice spending money on what seemed like frivolous things and save my money to go to the theater. Once a month, I would meet a friend in the city and we would buy half-price tickets and see a Broadway show! One of my favorite shows, is Man of La Mancha. I’ve seen it f