The other day I was at a friend’s home. I noticed the cuckoo clock on the wall; and we started to talk about the importance of time and how we spend it. I haven’t gotten that cuckoo clock out of my mind. Once I start thinking about something, I can often go off on rabbit trails to figure out what it all means. Does that make me cuckoo? I’m often amazed that I get such enjoyment out of researching information. I hated school as a kid. Yet, I’m fascinated and get excited about learning new things. My Wikipedia search revealed that cuckoo clocks were created in Germany and the mechanism to mimic the cuckoo bird’s call has been around since the 18th century. I literally went on YouTube and d


Identity theft is rampant. The internet has opened the world to us. It has also opened the door to the greater risk of having our identity stolen by hackers. Many people have gone through the pain of having their identity stolen and have had to fight, oftentimes through great expense, to get it back. Identity theft has become so problematic there are companies with services designed to protect people from having their identity stolen. Identity theft is very real. Identity theft is very personal. Identity theft robs us of more than our finances. It robs us of ourselves. IDENTITY THEFT IS PERSONAL Hackers can steal our identity. Our identity can also be stolen by life. When we are childre


I’ve always been a competitive person. This personality trait started very early. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY in a house with ten very different personalities lends itself to competing for everything. I had to compete for bathroom time. My nuclear family lived in a tiny four room apartment on the top floor of my grandmother’s house. There was only one very small bathroom. Looking back, I now feel for my father because he was the only male fighting for the bathroom against three females: my mother, my sister and myself. Without knowing I was dealing with a spastic colon, my mantra was I NEED TO USE THE BATHROOM! Every day I competed to get onto the subway to get to school or work. I learn