What do you see? Do you see the glass half full or the glass half empty? I believe seeing the glass half full = limitless possibilities in life. SEEING THE GLASS HALF FULL Weird; but I keep thinking about the Limbo. When I was a kid, we used to do the Limbo all the time. It was such a dance craze and so much fun. As each of us took our turn, the Limbo chant would begin – How low can you go? I was so little, I could just walk under the pole. I would get very excited that I didn’t knock the pole down. I was a kid. It was cute! The cool thing about doing the Limbo was even if we knocked down the pole and fell to the ground, we got back up and tried it again. When the challenges of life knoc


Exercise is good for me. Exercise is good for me. Exercise is good for me. I keep reminding myself that exercise is good for me. It used to be more fun. I played tennis. Discoed the night away. Competed in ballroom and Latin dancing. Then life has a way of happening. Due to various injuries, I had to adjust my exercise routine. Now its Pilates, the stationary bike; and I’ve discovered The Body Blade. This took a bit of coordination; but it works. After my first time using it, the only thing that didn’t hurt were my eyelashes. One exercise that is fun is laughing. I discovered that laughing for 15 minutes a day can burn somewhere between 10 and 40 calories a day.* This makes me so happ


One of my very favorite TV shows was Everybody Loves Raymond. I guess being Italian-American from Brooklyn, NY I could certainly relate to the show and the characters. I enjoyed the show so much that I’ve recorded many of my favorite episodes. Even though I’ve watched them many times, I still laugh out loud. One of my favorite episodes is entitled, Talk to Your Daughter. In this episode, Raymond decides he is going to be a responsible parent and answer what he thinks are his daughter, Ally’s, questions concerning sex. Only he’s blindsided. Ally doesn’t want to know where babies come from. Instead, she asks, “Why are babies here? Why are we born? Why does God put us here?” Mayhem ensues;


We live in such a fast-paced world where it feels that everything is moving at breakneck speed. I believe the dependence on technology in our daily lives has created more distractions and affected our ability to focus. With that, I’m finding that in today’s hectic, technology driven world listening may have become a lost art. Listening to others and even to ourselves can be very challenging. I’m often amazed when I witness people in social situations spending time on their phones instead of being engaged in conversation. Is the ability to spend quality time with each other a thing of the past? GETTING TO KNOW YOU I find people fascinating. I so enjoy learning about people and what makes the


I was a late bloomer. A very late bloomer! On second thought, it took me a lifetime to come into my own. FROM THE BEGINNING From the time I was a child, I always wanted to be an actress. I would recreate the characters I saw on TV shows and in the movies; and I would make up my own stories and act them out. I was an extremely shy child. My sister once said she didn’t even remember me as a kid. I hid in my room or in closets. Growing up in an Italian-American household in Brooklyn, NY with ten very different, dysfunctional people under one roof was disconcerting. We all needed to find that place to be heard and seen. For me, that was daunting. So, I was reclusive. I escaped into my im