Butterfly Wings

We are all beautiful creations Gifted with talents uniquely our own Yet, through life's challenges we can often feel alone As we try to meet each need Sometimes moving at breakneck speed We can get lost in the miry clay The reality of who we are never put on display Tucked away in a secluded place That often feels like a very dark space But the miracle of life will always come through For we are tucked away, not in a dark space, but a cocoon Willing to go through a metamorphosis Knowing there is so much more than this Believing for a dream locked deep inside Letting go of everything, even our pride To submit to the challenges on life's roller coaster ride That brings us ever closer to what w


There’s a well-known saying, Can’t see the forest for the trees. I think a perfect example of this is when major decisions need to be made; but it’s extremely difficult to do so. Circumstances loom so large that they can be overwhelming. Instead of seeing the full forest, we only see the trees. SEEING THE TREES Too many times, I have seen the trees. This is especially true, when something is so important to me that I can feel overwhelmed and am not sure what path to take. I believe it is very important to have people in my life that I can go to help me see clearly. People who will help me analyze every aspect of a situation, so I can see the bigger picture – the forest. These are the peop


I make it a point to pay attention to subliminal signs and what they could mean. For the last week, I kept seeing and hearing things about tearing down walls. This resonated deep within me. It got me thinking about the word wall. When I hear the phrase, It’s Like Talking to a Brick Wall, my immediate reaction is someone doesn’t listen and is closed off. Another is, His back is against the wall. My response is someone is out of options. How about, He’s walled off. Nothing’s getting through to that person. I believe it’s human nature to put up walls in our lives. For me it begs the question, what purpose do they serve? THE WALLS WE BUILD Spending 22 years in corporate America, I felt it wa


As a kid growing up in an Italian-American family, food was such a major part of our lives. Every day, my mother, my aunt and my grandmother created amazing meals in their tiny kitchens. They got such a sense of satisfaction when the family would chow down and just enjoy all their hard work. My grandmother would sit back with that look of satisfaction as she watched us eat heartily, especially her four grandchildren. She would always say, “GUSTO”. My little niece, Brenna, certainly continues the family heritage of eating with GUSTO. Gusto is an Italian word which has been incorporated into our American vocabulary. It means enthusiastic and vigorous enjoyment or appreciation. As children do,