About two weeks ago, I received a residual check in the mail for a TV show I did in 2007. This time, I just laughed with the amount and decided to post it on Facebook with the quip, “There’s nothing like getting a check in the mail.” I received some funny responses; but there was one that stood out and got me thinking. “Hmmmm. I take it as an affirmation that your “two cents” are worthwhile.” THE FORMATIVE YEARS I always thought it strange growing up that, whenever an opinion was asked for, the question was, “What’s your two cents?” Looking back, I find that question funny because I grew up in an Italian-American family that was very opinionated. Ten completely different dysfunctional peop


As a kid growing up in an Italian-American family and attending Catholic school, the word “no” was not an option. I had to do what I was told; and there was no such thing as questioning authority. At home, I had a triple threat – my mother, my aunt and my grandmother. They were like hawks. I couldn’t get away with anything. First, my mother Gloria. My mother was always there for us; but she was the consummate disciplinarian. She would hit first and ask questions later (maybe). There was one time I was playing outside; and my ball bounced into the street. I was about five-years old; and I was not allowed to step into the street without an adult present. As the ball rolled toward me, it st


I look at my life; and I realize I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone so many times. I’ve always been one to take calculated risks. I worked as a secretary, then went back to school to get my B.B.A, then my M.B.A. I’ve traveled extensively, usually by myself. I tried to include others; but found that if I waited for people to decide if they wanted to join me, I never would have gone anywhere. My comfort zone was the corporate world. I spent 22 years as a marketing executive in the beauty industry. I might have stayed, if all the long hours and stress hadn’t caught up with me. What seemed like a heart attack, thankfully only a panic attack, landed me in the emergency room. Then, I’M OU