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Claudia DiMartino is a successful business woman turned actress and playwright. She took a risk and left corporate America.  She now shares her life's journey which helped her realize - it's never too late to go after your dreams.


Broadway! What an experience to see a show on Broadway!

As much as I love TV and the movies, I’ve always felt that Broadway is the ultimate.

I was a New York City kid. My sister and I were introduced to the theater early. We would save up our pennies and, without our parents, would take the subway into the city from Brooklyn and see a Broadway show. It was so thrilling!

I carried that tradition into adulthood. I would sacrifice spending money on what seemed like frivolous things and save my money to go to the theater. Once a month, I would meet a friend in the city and we would buy half-price tickets and see a Broadway show!

One of my favorite shows, is Man of La Mancha. I’ve seen it five times. Twice with the incomparable Richard Kiley as Don Quixote.

It’s the story of Miguel de Cervantes, “an aging and utter failure as a playwright, poet and tax collector, who has been thrown into a dungeon in Seville to await trial by the inquisition for his offense against the church. There he is dragged before the kangaroo court of his fellow prisoners, who plan to confiscate his few possessions – including the uncompleted manuscript of a novel, Don Quixote.

In his defense, the “court” agrees to let him perform his play…He and his servant, Sancho, take to the road in a quest to restore the age of chivalry, battle all evil, and right all wrongs.

…His lady, Dulcinea, really a prostitute named Aldonza, questions him on his seemingly irrational ways, and Quixote answers her with a statement of his credo, THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM.” *

Quixote battles windmills and must later be reminded of his vision of glory.


Don Quixote’s dream seems impossible. He is thought to be a lunatic as he pursues his dream against all odds.

I believe dreams should be just that - IMPOSSIBLE! Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. I feel it’s important to fight for your dreams. Our dreams must become so one with us that we’re totally committed and invested. Only then can we battle windmills and the foes that come against us.

The lyrics from Man of La Mancha’s classic song, THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM, are so powerful that they reflect the heart of being invested in one’s dream:


I’ve thought myself crazy many times for going after my dream.

Who starts a career in acting after a 22-year career as a marketing executive in the beauty industry? ME!

Who sells her home and leaves everything and everyone behind to follow a dream? ME!

Who sets out at a mature age to conquer Hollywood – the land of perpetual youth? ME!

Who believes enough in herself and her dream to do the impossible? ME!


I’ve been pursuing my dream of acting for 16 years now.

I’ve been fortunate to land roles on TV and in films.

A few years ago, my agent asked me “Why do you want to be an actress?” I just looked at her and started to fill up with emotion. I said “I want to touch people. If I can touch hearts through laughter for even a moment or be able to resonate deep inside a person’s spirit, that’s my hope and my joy.”

I believe my dream should not just be about me. I believe a dream should be bigger than oneself.

My greatest thrill and surprise, so far, has been writing and performing my one-woman show, IT’S ONLY LIPSTICK!

As I’ve been able to share my story, my dream of touching hearts is coming to pass. I’ve been blessed to receive so much feedback on how inspired and encouraged people are by my escapades.

It takes courage to go after your dreams.

It takes fortitude to stay with it no matter what comes against you.

It takes believing in yourself that the impossible is possible.

It takes resolve to know… it’s never too late to go after your dreams!

-Claudia DiMartino


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