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Claudia DiMartino is a successful business woman turned actress and playwright. She took a risk and left corporate America.  She now shares her life's journey which helped her realize - it's never too late to go after your dreams.

Butterfly Wings

We are all beautiful creations

Gifted with talents uniquely our own

Yet, through life's challenges we can often feel alone

As we try to meet each need

Sometimes moving at breakneck speed

We can get lost in the miry clay

The reality of who we are never put on display

Tucked away in a secluded place

That often feels like a very dark space

But the miracle of life will always come through

For we are tucked away, not in a dark space, but a cocoon

Willing to go through a metamorphosis

Knowing there is so much more than this

Believing for a dream locked deep inside

Letting go of everything, even our pride

To submit to the challenges on life's roller coaster ride

That brings us ever closer to what we hold dear

For even though there is pain and disappointment along the way

The calling is so deep we just cannot stray

For we are becoming transformed

Into someone that is new

Then suddenly an unexpected strength rises up and we start to see

A light coming forth as we start to break free

Through the walls that have closed us in

Which have, instead, been a shelter while waiting for our new life to begin

Now we can lift up our heads

And take in the beauty of the world outside

For our time has come

As we emerge with the majesty of butterflies

With the flutter of wings that enable us to fly

Caught up in the wind

And being lifted to new heights

Arrayed in the splendor of color and light

Coming into our destiny

On display for all the world to see

The joy of being all we were created to be

As you begin to fly, remember…it’s never too late to go after your dreams!

Claudia DiMartino

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